AT for the Organization of Writing

AT for the Organization of Writing

Listed below are some general accommodations for written organization and executive function that may be considered as potential assistive technology solutions by a team. In many cases, links are included to provide examples of a product or device that incorporates the feature. This information is provided for reference only. Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) does not endorse any particular product, program, or curriculum.

  • Graphic organizers: provide cues for the structure or purpose of a specific writing task

  • Multi-featured graphic word processors: provide structure to a writing task by presenting customized keyboards, word lists, phrases, and/or pictures to the student

  • Writing templates: organize the physical space on a page and/or the basic elements of a specific kind of document

  • Handheld scanners: allow a user to look up definitions of a typed word and/or capture the word/phrase for use in a word processing file

  • Proofreading tools: suggest corrections to spelling, grammar, and style – often include other features such as text-to-speech or word prediction