Family and Community Involvement in District-Wide Implementation of SWPBIS: A Panel Discussion

Speaking: Greg, Jan, Ed, Michael, Chris, Mike, Kelly


  • Introduction
    Starts at 00:00:00
  • ICSP Team in Susquehanna County
    Starts at 00:10:50
  • District and Community Leadership Team
    Starts at 00:18:07
  • The District Perspective on SWPBIS Implementation
    Starts at 00:23:37
  • Concept of Teaming
    Starts at 00:30:41
  • SWPBIS Implementation and SBBH at Lathrop Street School
    Starts at 00:36:24
  • Parent Involvement and the SBBH Team
    Starts at 00:56:47
  • Findings and Q&A
    Starts at 01:06:53

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