Building State, District and Local Partnerships: A Panel Interview

Speaking: Nancy, Rachel, Becky, Kathy, Tracey


  • Introduction
    Starts at 00:00:00
  • School-Wide Positive Behavior Support (PBS): Background
    Starts at 00:04:52
  • Core Team PBS: Set Up
    Starts at 00:15:20
  • Core Team PBS: Skill Sets, Roles and Functions
    Starts at 00:32:32
  • Core Team Meetings: Time Frame
    Starts at 00:41:59
  • Community Partnerships
    Starts at 00:49:13
  • Reteach Schedule
    Starts at 01:00:31
  • Student Ambassadors and Student Participation
    Starts at 01:08:38
  • Introducing New Core Team Members
    Starts at 01:15:09
  • Rewards and Reinforcement at High School Level
    Starts at 01:20:32

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