2. Promoting Culturally Responsive Behavior Management through PBIS: The Double Check Model

Speaking: Catherine

Culturally diverse students are disproportionately represented in special education programs and receive disproportionately high rates of office disciplinary referrals and suspensions. Research suggests that teachers require additional professional development on issues related to culturally responsive education in order to manage and understand the behaviors of culturally diverse students and to engage diverse learners in the curriculum. This session provides an overview of the Double Check (Bradshaw & Rosenberg, 2016) model, which is a framework for helping teachers and school staff to reflect on, and ultimately address, the following five core components associated with culturally responsive practices: Reflective Thinking, Authentic Relationship, and Connection to Curriculum, Effective Communication, and Sensitivity to Student’s Cultural and Situational Messages. The self-reflection process is facilitated through professional development and coaching, which help to increase awareness of one’s own cultural sensitivities.


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