Understanding and Working Effectively with Students with Non‐Traumatic Brain Injuries

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Sharon Grandinette, MS-Ed., CBIST

This presentation is designed for individuals in school settings working with children and adolescents with non‐traumatic brain injuries, including those with brain tumors, strokes and other vascular accidents, anoxia/hypoxia, infections of the brain, exposure to toxins and other medical causes of neurological insult. The unique needs of this population will be explained as it pertains to school reintegration and IEP development by addressing on‐going medical and physical challenges and sharing appropriate academic, social and behavioral strategies than can facilitate student achievement.

Credits: Act 48, ASHA, PSYCH

Audience: Special Education Teachers, Teachers/other professionals who work with students who have sustained traumatic brain injury, Speech Therapists, General Education Teachers, Supervisors/Administrators, Assistive Technology Specialists, Occupational Therapists and/or Physical Therapists, School Counselors and/or School Psychologists, Parents, Guardians, Family Members, Paraprofessionals

Speaker Bio: Sharon Grandinette, M.S., Ed., CBIST is a nationally and internationally recognized consultant, advocate trainer and expert witness in the field of special education with a specialty in pediatric acquired brain injury and school reintegration and has published in the field. She was an adjunct instructor for 18 years at the California State University System in the graduate special education credential program. Sharon serves on the executive board of the North American Brain Injury Society and was a founding board member of the Brain Injury Association of California where she was the chair of the state conference for several years. Sharon was the Executive Director of both the We Can Pediatric Brain Tumor Network and The California Association of Physical and Health Impairments. She was instrumental in the development of the TBI authorization that became a part of the special education requirements in CA. Sharon owns and operates Exceptional Educational Services in Redondo Beach, CA.

Sharon Grandinette