Session 2A EmPOWER Your AAC Teams: Using POWER: AAC for Professional Development

10:15 - 11:15

Speaker:  Gail VanTatenhove  MS, CCC-SLP

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Session Handouts:
Empower Using POWERAAC
ATIA Poster Handout
ASHA Leader-Zangaria Article
MCIU Training Schedule

The 11 POWER:AAC modules on the PaTTAN website are being used (across the commonwealth and the country) for professional development by individuals or groups who are supporting students with complex communication needs who need or use AAC systems.  This session will provide participants an opportunity to interact with the author and panelists in a Q & A session, as well as share their own experiences and recommendations for implementing the POWER:AAC modules as part of on-going professional development.
Gail will be joined by a panel of Assistive Technology Consultants from PA Intermediate Units (Tammy Bertel, Nora Connell, Erin McManamon) who have used the POWER:AAC Modules in a variety of ways. 
Speaker Bio: 
Gail VanTatenhove, MS, CCC-SLP, has worked as a speech-language pathologist specializing in augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) for over 40 years. Her professional experiences include clinical work in schools, and in residential, vocational, and community settings. Gail has presented nationally and internationally on the subjects of AAC assessment, implementation, and teaching core vocabulary. She is the author of the POWER:AAC modules hosted on the PaTTAN website. Gail was named an ASHA Fellow in November 2016 for her contributions to the field of AAC.