Enhancing Family Engagement Online Training Modules

Enhancing Family Engagement Online Training Modules

Authentic family and community engagement is a hallmark of successful schools. How do you successfully build a partnership with families? Do your current practices and procedures effectively engage families so they are able to support their children’s academic and social needs?

The Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network (PaTTAN) has developed online training modules to support teachers and administrators in developing or bolstering their knowledge and skills to effectively partner with families.

The Enhancing Family Engagement (EFE) Online Training Modules consist of six, independent modules of study which are framed by the National Standards for Family-School Partnerships developed by the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA). Each topical module includes an introduction, pre-post assessment, module overview, core PowerPoint and resources for professional development. School staff can examine current practices and school procedures as they relate to the overarching concepts of a module. An additional module, the Facilitator’s Overview, provides additional information on how to facilitate the use of these resources within Local Education Agencies (LEAs). The training modules contain a wealth of materials and resources designed to provide LEAs with “shelf-ready” training tools to support the development or enhancement of Family Engagement practices through a self-directed course of study.

To access the modules: Create an account through encour.se. Click on the "register" link from the Login page. If an account has already been established, log into the account to enroll in the training. Once logged in, select the module(s) of interest. An overview of each module is provided below.  

Module 1: Welcoming All Families into the School Community

School that offer a welcoming environment produce positive outcomes for all. This module allows educators to reflect upon their own current culture of welcoming, and provides tips on how to create an environment of mutual recognition and respect among stakeholders.

Module 2: Communicating Effectively

Effective communication is an indispensable ingredient in establishing and maintaining healthy family-school partnerships. This module provides information on how to communicate effectively, including ways of corresponding in an increasingly digital world.

Module 3: Supporting Student Success

Academic success for students is maximized when schools engage with families in ways that link to learning. In this EFE module, educators will examine current practices regarding student academics and family engagement, and determine ways in which learning links can be enhanced.

Module 4: Speaking Up for Every Child

All children benefit from having individuals who are able to speak up for them. This module describes ways in which schools, families, and students themselves, can work together to advocate for students’ needs.

Module 5: Shared Decision-Making

Schools and families need to recognize that each share an important role in supporting positive school outcomes for children. In this EFE course module, educators will reflect upon family engagement within their schools and consider ways in which they can further promote family voice within the decision-making process.

Module 6: Collaborating with Community

Families, schools and community agencies each share an important role and contribution towards student achievement and positive outcomes for children. This module will assist educators in examining their current community connections and determining how to enhance these relationships.

EFE Facilitator’s Overview

All LEAs demonstrate different strengths and needs in the area of family engagement. The purpose of this module is to provide an overview of family engagement research and assist facilitators in using the EFE modules professional development within their LEAs.

For further information about the Enhancing Family Engagement Online Training Modules, please contact: Jennifer Geibel at jgeibel@pattan.net or (412) 826-6843.