Understanding Quality Indicators for Emotional Support Services and Programs

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Wednesday December 07, 2016 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM


Supporting students receiving Emotional Support services and programs requires a team focused,multidisciplinary approach. This 3-day training series will highlight evidence-based practices in three key areas: Behavior Management, Academic Instruction and Support, and Social-Emotional Instruction and Support. On Day 1: Behavior Management, teams will explore strategies for prevention, intervention, and crisis de-escalation, with a focus on positive, proactive discipline for individuals and groups of students. On Day 2: Academic Instruction and Support, teams will learn about standards-aligned, effective instruction with modifications, adaptations, and accommodations in the least restrictive environment. On Day 3: Social-Emotional Instruction and Support, teams will examine the use of a variety of approaches and skills to meet the social and emotional needs of all students, with a focus on opportunities for practice, feedback, and generalization. Teams will use the QIESSP document to self-assess and action plan around each of the three areas.


Participants will:

  • Review the definition of Emotional Disturbance and how it is diagnosed
  • Explain and utilize basic behavioral principles
  • Identify key elements that are involved in the FBA and PBSP process
  • Identify classroom management practices that are supportive of students in the general education environment

Participants will:

  • Explain and use research-based instructional practices to promote student learning
  • Identify specially designed instruction that is supportive of students identified with an Emotional Disturbance
  • Design and deliver grade-level instruction aligned to content standards

Participants will:

  • Explain and use Social-Emotional Instruction and Support to address student needs
  • Define and promote the use of self-regulation and self-monitoring behavior in students
  • Identify evidence-based social and emotional curriculum


Teams consisting of the following members: District Administrators; Special Education Directors/Supervisors; Building Principals; Guidance Counselors; Teachers of Emotional Support Students; School Psychologist; General Education Teachers; Behavior Specialists; Related Service Providers

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Act 48 Clock Hour
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Debra Jordan
610-265-7321 x7224


Dona Alvino
800-446-5607 x6870