Coordinating with Families in a Virtual Environment: A How-To Guide for SLPs

Speaking: Jennifer Geibel, MS, CCC-SLP, Ed.D

As we quickly approach a new school year in these uncertain times, we find ourselves, as SLPs, experiencing new modes of intervention and developing novel strategies to support our students receiving speech-language services. Those of us who find ourselves working in previously unexperienced educational forums, including hybrid and virtual learning models, are in the process of redefining our work and adjusting to provide a supportive environment to help all of our students progress and excel. We are also being given a unique opportunity to build partnerships with our fellow IEP team members, including the families of our students. Decades of research shows that family engagement is linked to increased educational outcomes – but how do we engage families in a digital environment? This session will focus on developing collaborative partnerships, as we touch upon issues such as scheduling with families, establishing home-school communication, and engaging students and families during virtual sessions. This session will also provide access to resources that can be used to support family engagement within effective teleintervention practices. We are working in a new world with endless possibilities – so let’s keep calm and log on!