Behavior Bytes - Returning to School: COVID-19, Mental Health & Resilience [Part 2/2] (S1E10)

Speaking: Sandy Shacklady-White, Brian McGinley

Welcome to this episode of our PaTTAN Behavior Bytes Summer series dedicated to families, educators, community members and students preparing for the return to school the Fall 2020. Please note, no one, at the time of this recording, knows what the Fall opening will look like, but we have invited folks with various backgrounds and experiences to share best practices and resources. Welcome to Part 2 of our 2 part series with Mr. McGinley. Just as a refresher, we invited Brian McGinley to be part of our Behavior Bytes Summer 2020 series. Mr. McGinley is a Licensed Social Worker from the Chester County Intermediate Unit. He currently work in the Training and Consultation dept of CCIU. This recorded 2 part interview lead by PaTTAN EAST consultant, Mrs. Sandy Shacklady-White, highlights how the pandemic may have impacted our youth, defines resiliency and post traumatic growth, and provides strategies for preparing to return to school. Mr. McGinley provide practical information that is applicable in your life. Enjoy this interview with Mr. McGinley.