Behavior Bytes - How to Deal with Stressful Moments: The Re-Set Process [Part 2/2] (S1E12)

Speaking: Tina Lawson, Dyane Carrere

Welcome to this episode of our PaTTAN Behavior Bytes Summer series dedicated to families, educators, community members and students, preparing for the return to school in the Fall of 2020. Please note, no one at the time of this recording knows what the Fall opening will look like, but we have invited folks with various backgrounds and experiences to share best practices and resources. Today we invited Dyane Carrere. Ms. Carrere is an educator with more than 40 years of experience supporting students with social, emotional, and behavioral needs. She has been a teacher, administrator, adjunct faculty member, consultant, and staff developer working in preschool through secondary school settings. Dyane has also worked in a private practice with families and service agencies, focusing on developing compassionate, creative, effective behavior supports. She speaks on the topics of behavior and trauma at state and national levels and is the lead author of the book The Re-Set Process: Trauma-Informed Behavior Strategies, due out through Brookes Publishing in October 2020. This recorded 2-part interview lead by PaTTAN EAST consultant, Dr. Tina Lawson, highlights how self-regulation is a critical skill when dealing with stress and stressful situations. This skill is not necessarily mastered by all of us in all situations. COVID-19 has stretched many of us as caregivers, employers/employees and family members. If we struggle with self-regulation as adults, just imagine how our children and youth are dealing with the stress. This 2-part series gives practical strategies anyone can master and teach to others. Please enjoy this interview with Ms. Carrere.