A Closer Look at Seating and Mobility as it Relates to Using AAC and AT within an Activity Part 2

Speaking: Karen Kangas and Tammy Thompson-Cooke

This webinar is a two-part webinar. The true activity that the student is expected to subsequently “learn” to demonstrate and gain competence and independence will be discussed. Activities vary greatly with a student’s age and experience and are also impacted directly by the student’s visual perception, receptive language, language processing, mobility, and current postural development and control. The student’s ability to participate and “engage” in the real activity depends not only on the AT equipment and the access to it but also on the equipment that is supporting the student’s body. The second webinar (part 2) will examine the student’s classroom and school environment and its impact on the use of AT. Participants will learn how to analyze the classroom environment for ensuring task engagement and differentiate between tasks that focus on motor practice or cognitive practice.