Michael Miklos


Mike Miklos, MS, BCBA,
is a behavior analyst and Pennsylvania certified school psychologist employed as an educational consultant for the Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network (PATTAN). His responsibilities have included training staff, developing systems for data-driven decisions, completing functional behavior assessments, program review, and consultant training. He continues to provide site-based training and consultation related to autism support services and special education. His work has included an emphasis on the application of an analysis of verbal behavior to interventions for individuals with autism. In collaboration with a team of educational and behavioral specialists, he has developed and delivered competency based trainings to thousands of participants from Pennsylvania, across the United States, and internationally. Currently, Mr. Miklos serves as statewide lead consultant for the PaTTAN Autism Initiative and coordinates efforts for the PaTTAN Autism Initiative ABA Supports and the National Autism Conference. He has made presentations and provided competency-based trainings regarding educational interventions, behavior analysis, and autism across the United States, in Beijing, China; Warsaw, Poland; Naples, Italy; Prague, Czech Republic; and Bratislava, Slovakia . In his role as Lead Consultant for the PATTAN Autism Initiative, he has led a team in developing a series of training videos and resources that are accessed across the United States and worldwide.