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48 Clock Hours (up to 19)

The Act 48 Survey must be completed entirely online. A link, to the survey, will be posted on this page at the end of the Leadership Academy. At the end of each session, the facilitator will provide attendees with a 5-digit code for that session. The codes are unique for each session. Credit hours will be awarded on a half-day basis (no partial credit will be awarded). Participants must attend a session in each time frame during the half day time period to collect the session code and answer the Act 48 questions in order to receive credit hours for that half day time frame.

Attendees must enter their PPID number, as well as the exact spelling of their First and Last Name and Middle Initial, exactly how it appears in the PaTTAN registration system. If this is different from the information in the Professional Education Record Management System, that must be indicated.

Attendees can find their PERMS information and PPID here:

PaTTAN is not responsible for information that is entered incorrectly. If information entered does not match PaTTAN’s data, no Act 48 credit will be awarded.

Reminder: All credit hours at the conference will be awarded per half day.

  1. Make a note of the session number and title.

  2. Listen for the 5-digit code from the facilitator at the end of the session.

The deadline for completing evaluations is Friday, August 2.