Rebecca Heaton Hall

Rebecca Heaton Hall is the Director of Legal Consulting at PREVAIL Educational Solutions and a school solicitor at Weiss Burkardt Kramer.  She promotes social and emotional learning and sound structures for preventative behavior supports in schools. Her work with schools focuses on legally sound, cost-effective, and practical approaches that can be sustained over time to advance positive outcomes for students, teachers, and school administrators. Her advocacy efforts have been recognized locally, nationally, and internationally.  While her current focus is assisting schools, she has a diverse background and extensive experience working directly with children and parents. Rebecca has served as Guardian ad litem or legal counsel to approximately 2,000 children with complex needs and has served as surrogate parent to numerous special education students.   For her work in special education matters, Rebecca was bestowed the honor of being the 2013 recipient of the Achieva Excellence in Advocacy Award.  She was a 2014 honoree for the Leading Education and Advocacy for Families Award. Rebecca and Jessica Dirsmith have lectured and written extensively on their vision of comprehensive social, emotional, and behavioral supports for children.  She and illustrator Kate Harvie are authoring a children’s book supporting the Gratitude University™ manual currently being developed by Jessica Dirsmith.  To reinforce the power of friendship, gratitude, and positive behavioral supports, young readers of diverse abilities can join Gigi the Gratitude Guinea in her adventures at Gratitude University.™