Pennsylvania Deaf-Blind Project's Family Learning Conference


Serving families, educators, and service providers of children and youth who are Deaf-Blind

June 26-27, 2020

Come and experience sharing, caring, and learning together with staff from the Pennsylvania Deaf-Blind Project and PaTTAN.

If your child has both a vision and a hearing loss, your family (parents/guardians, siblings, and child with deaf-blindness) may be eligible to attend this weekend learning conference at little or no cost.



To learn more about deaf-blindness, click here to visit PaTTAN's Deaf-Blindness webpage.


- Office Lead
- State Lead
Jennifer Edgar PaTTAN - East
Susan Gill PaTTAN - East
Sue Ann Houser PaTTAN - Harrisburg
Doug Williams PaTTAN - Harrisburg
Gregory Lazur PaTTAN - Pittsburgh
Jennifer Craig PaTTAN - Pittsburgh
Tara Kelly PaTTAN - East