Perkins Braillewriter: All the Nuts and Bolts!


 Doug Williams

This session will explore the internal workings of the most utilized tools of teachers of the visually impaired.
Participants will explore the following competencies: the history of tactile communication and the Perkins
braillewriter; proper utilization and changes of the tool over the years; correct positioning and utilization of
the braillewriter; proper cleaning, maintenance and storage of the braillewriter. Practical application,
demonstration and participation will be required. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own braillewriters; a
limited number will be available for use.

Credits: Act 48, ACVREP, PSYCH

Audience: Teachers who work with students who are blind or visually impaired, Assistive Technology
Specialists, Orientation and Mobility Specialists

Speaker Bio: Doug Williams is an Educational Consultant for Pennsylvania Training and Technical Network (PaTTAN) in the central region. His focus is on Blindness and Visual Impairment, Deaf-Blind, and Assistive Technology initiatives and is the State Coordinator for the National Instructional Materials Access Center (NiMAC) and Ex Officio Trustee for Pennsylvania’s Federal Quota program. Doug serves on the board for the Penn Del Chapter of AER. Prior to his employment at PaTTAN he was a TVI, O&M and AT specialist for 30 years at Lincoln Intermediate Unit 12.