Integrating Pragmatic Tools Across Disciplines

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 Mark Campano, M. Ed.

This session will review and practice implementation of pragmatic tools for understanding the unique learning
of students with complex multiple disabilities including sensory impairments (vision & hearing). There will also
be a review of the information gained from each of the tools and how to use that information, on its own, as
well in unison with all information, for communication development and developing learning intervention.

Credits: Act 48, ACVREP, ASHA, PSYCH

Audience: Special Education Teachers, Teachers who work with students who are blind or visually impaired,
Teachers who work with students with hearing loss, Teachers who work with students who are Deaf-Blind,
Speech therapists, Parents, Guardians, Family Members, Paraprofessionals

Speaker Bio: Mark Campano is currently the Statewide Coordinator of the Delaware Program for Children with Deaf-Blindness. Since 1996 he has served children with Deaf-Blindness in five different states in a variety of roles such as Technical Assistance Specialist, Project Director, and now as the State Coordinator. Prior to working in the field of Deaf-Blindness, Mark worked with Deaf Adolescents who were Emotional Challenged in a 24/7 therapeutic milieu as classroom support, teacher, residential advisor and supervisor.

Mark Campano