Neuropsychological impact of neurotoxins and carbon monoxide poisoning in children and adolescents

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Danielle Ploetz, Ph.D.

This session will discuss the impact of neurotoxins such as lead, PCBs, and other neurotoxicants as well as the effects of carbon monoxide poisoning on brain development. This session will also discuss current research on outcomes and discuss strategies to implement in the classroom to aid learning.
Credits: Act 48, ASHA, Psych
Audience: Special Education Teachers; Teachers/other professionals who work with students who have sustained a traumatic brain injury; Speech Therapists; Supervisors/Administrators; School Counselors; School Psychologists

Speaker Bio: Dr. Danielle Ploetz earned her Ph.D. at the University of South Alabama in a combined and integrated clinical/counseling psychology program.  She completed her pre-doctoral internship at the University of Florida Health Sciences Center with a focus in neuropsychology.  Dr. Ploetz went on to complete a 2-year post-doctoral fellowship in pediatric neuropsychology at the Alberta Children’s Hospital in Calgary, AB Canada.
Dr. Ploetz has been staff at the Kennedy Krieger Institute since 2015. Currently, Dr. Ploetz is the neuropsychologist for the Specialized Transition Program (STP), the Kennedy Krieger Institute’s day rehabilitation hospital within the Fairmount Rehabilitation Programs. She also works in the interdisciplinary Concussion Clinic.
Danielle Ploetz