Writing: Skills and Tools for Demonstrating Knowledge and Making Connections

Speaker: Kelly Fonner, M.S.

The reasons our students need writing skills? To demonstrate what they know, to communicate with others
who are not present, to share ideas and express themselves. During this presentation, we will apply
technology tools and apps to instructional writing strategies for students who struggle with expressive and
demonstrative written communication. Working through the basic stages of the writing process, participants
will explore good teaching strategies using technology. We will give examples from structured writing
approaches for impacting upon students who do not know where to start when writing, who have difficulty
with logical sequencing, who need a visual organizer to provide a plan, and who need structure to help
alleviate semantic difficulties. The tools will be apps for mobile devices and software for tablets, laptops and
computers. This session is beyond teaching you to use the tools; it's about implementing these tools to
scaffold growth in writing skills.

Credits: Act 48, ASHA, PSYCH

Audience: Special Education Teachers, Teachers/other professionals who work with students who have
sustained a traumatic brain injury, Speech Therapists, General Education Teachers, Assistive Technology
Specialists, Occupational Therapists and/or Physical Therapists, Parents, Guardians, Family Members,

Speaker Bio: Kelly Fonner, MS, is a self-employed consultant and trainer in assistive and educational technology. Her teaching experiences have been as a teacher assistant, teacher, instructional media specialist, and assistive technology consultant in early childhood, preschool and school-age programs. She worked 8 years as a consultant with PennTech, the statewide technology project supported by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Since 1986 Kelly has presented and taught internationally at conferences and in school districts on a wide-range of topics including augmentative communication, access to literacy development, writing supports, tablet/computer access, AT assessment and implementation strategies.

Kelly Fonner