Wired for Connection: Makers, Learners, and Communities

Speaker: Bill Binko

The growing “maker movement” in Assistive Technology is about connecting people with skills to people with needs - combining creativity with purpose. AT professionals, and special educators, face a fundamental problem: how to create customized solutions for students who need them when they have no engineering skills. The maker movement on the other hand, has a wealth of technology and tools at their disposal, yet little knowledge of the needs (or often the existence) of AT Users. The AT Maker movement connects student makers (in the form of STEM/robotics teams) with the projects that apply their skills to help solve problems in their own schools and communities. Mr Binko will talk about AT Makers - the projects, the resources, and the connections that are being forged - while highlighting what all of us can learn from thinking outside the box.

Credits: Act 48, ASHA, PSYCH

Audience: All HELIX Attendees

Speaker Bio:  Bill Binko is founder of ATMakers.org, a non-profit organization focused on introducing Makers and Assistive Technology users and give these two communities the tools they need to collaborate. Bill is also the co-founder of LessonPix.com, an online tool for teachers and specialists working with the special needs community. Prior to joining the AT and Special Education communities, he spent over 20 years working as an engineer for Fortune 500 companies as a consultant for Perot Systems, Dell, and Tribridge. This combination has left him with a unique perspective of both the Maker and AT worlds and the incredible opportunities to collaborate.

Bill Binko