TODHH? Oh, You Know Braille, Right?

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Speaker: Suzanne Raschke, M.A., TC/DHH

Across the country, schools don't know what we do. They don't know why they need a TODHH when they already have a team of experts in their buildings. They don't know what to ask us, or what to ask from us. Can you explain what we do? What makes our input critical to student achievement? How do you rate your performance on collaboration and the delivery of specialized instruction? In this session, we will identify strategies for communicating our unique skills to schools, administrators, and families. The importance of and strategies for goal setting and self-reflection to benefit students will also be shared and discussed.

Credits: Act 48, PSYCH

Audience: Teachers who work with students with hearing loss, Teachers who work with students who are Deaf-Blind, Supervisors/Administrators, Parents, Guardians, Family Members

Speaker Bio: Suzanne Raschke, M.A., TC/DHH, is a highly experienced educator of the deaf and hard of hearing who maintains a personal commitment to local, state, and national committees and organizations promoting student growth, family involvement, and professional development. Suzanne has been a classroom teacher, a teacher consultant, and a state consultant. Currently, Suzanne serves as President of the CEC Special Interest Group, Division of Communicative Disabilities and Deafness (DCDD).

Suzanne Raschke