Accessibility Basics: Google Chrome and Chromebooks

Ting Siu, Ph.D.
Basic accessibility features of Google Chrome, Chromebooks, and various extensions will be presented to participants. The focus will be supporting students with visual impairments. The session will focus on foundational accessibility concepts and built-in features for low vision and nonvisual access. Participants will utilize hands-on strategies to learn about tools that support digital workflows and how to provide desktop access to distance information.
Participants are advised to bring the following for optimal hands-on learning: (1) A personal computing device: A laptop with the Google Chrome browser or a Chromebook; (2) Know your Google/Chromebook login and password; Know which email you prefer to use with Google Drive; (3) Earbuds/headphones to connect with your personal computing device; (4) Smartphone (iPhone or Android phone) or iPad or iPod. Download these apps: Camscanner (free) or ScannerPro ($3.99), Microsoft OfficeLens (free), Seeing AI (free), If using an iPad, also download the IPEVO Visualizer app (free); (5) For extra learning: View the YouTube video “Print worksheet to Google Docs OCR with iPad” (2:29) -
Credits: Act 48, ACVREP, ASHA, Psych
Audience: Teachers who work with students who are blind or visually impaired; Teachers who work with students who are Deaf-Blind; Assistive Technology Specialists; Parents, Guardians, Family Members

Speaker Bio: Ting is a Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments (TVI), and coordinator and assistant professor of the teacher preparation program in visual impairments at San Francisco State University. Her experience includes working with students of all ages with visual impairments and multiple disabilities including deafblindness. Ting began her teaching career as a paraprofessional in the Deafblind Program at the Perkins School for the Blind and later taught at the Jewish Guild for the Blind, NYC Department of Education, and currently in local Bay Area school districts. Ting’s research focuses on communities of practice to support TVIs' technology use. She also provides consulting support in the following areas: development of educational technologies for learners who are visually impaired, community education to design and deliver accessible instruction, and educator trainings to facilitate accessibility and technology integration in the classroom. (
Facebook: yuetingsiu
Twitter: @TVI_ting

Ting Siu