Alternative Pencils: What Are They and How Are They Used?

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Kelly Fonner

For some students, writing has been difficult due to their inability to manipulate the standard tools of writing. Many educators, therapists and parents have heard of the concept of Alternative Pencils. What are they? We will show and give examples of use through various alternative pencils, including alphabet tiles, electronic keyboards and partner assisted scanning.

Credits: Act 48, ASHA, Psych, Instructional Hours
Audience: Special Education Teachers; Teachers who work with students who are Deaf-Blind; Teachers/other professionals who work with students who have sustained traumatic brain injury; General Education Teachers; Assistive Technology Specialists; Occupational Therapists and/or Physical Therapists; Parents, Guardians, Family Members; Paraprofessionals; Other (Reading Teachers)

Speaker biography: Kelly Fonner is a self-employed consultant in assistive and educational technology. She is a Special Educator and has a Masters in Educational Technology with emphasis in Rehabilitation/Special Education. Since 1986 she has presented to schools, universities & families in 48 states & internationally on augmentative communication, computer access & electronic literacy.

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