Managing Children with Hearing Loss

Speakers: Jane Madell, Ph.D., CCC A/SLP, LSLS Cert AVT

*This speaker will be presenting virtually.
**This session is available for in person and virtual attendance.

The training will discuss how to maximize potential for children with hearing loss using case studies. Topics discussed will include evaluating children with hearing loss, determining technology needs (e.g., hearing aids, cochlear implants, remote microphone systems), and therapy and educational management for children with hearing loss.

Credits: Act 48, ASHA

Audience: Special Education Teachers; Teachers who work with students with hearing loss; Speech therapists; Supervisors/Administrators; School Counselors and/or School Psychologists; Parents, Guardians, Family Members; Paraprofessionals

Speakers’ Bio: 
Dr. Jane Madell has been a pediatric audiologist for about 50 years. She currently has a private practice providing consultation with families, school districts and speech and hearing programs with the goal of maximizing auditory skills for children with hearing loss and other auditory disorders. Dr. Madell was formerly Director of the Hearing and Learning Center and Co-Director of the Cochlear Implant Center at The Ear Institute, New York Eye and Ear infirmary/ Beth Israel Medical Center. She is a certified audiologist, speech-language pathologist, LSLS auditory verbal therapist. Dr. Madell’s clinical and research interests have been in the area of evaluation and management of hearing in infants and young children, selection and management of amplification including hearing aids, cochlear implants and RM systems, assessment of auditory function, family support, and evaluation and management of auditory processing disorders. Dr Madell has published 7 books, and numerous book chapters and journal articles. She writes the Hearing and Kids page for the blog She is the 2017 recipient of the Marion Downs Award for Excellence in Pediatric Audiology and of the 2021 Honors of the AGBell Association. She is the Executive Producer with Irene Taylor Brodsky of The Listening Project, a documentary, in which she interviews 15 young adults who’s hearing loss she identified when they were babies. She presents nationally and internationally on topics related to hearing loss and other auditory disorders in infants and children.