Rethinking Teaching and Learning in Stages

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Jordan Shurr, Ph.D.

This session includes an introduction to the four stages of learning for more accurate assessment, support, and instruction based on current student functioning. We will discuss how to create a learning goal that is stage-specific, as well as how to identify interventions that are appropriate for the relevant stage.

Credits: Act 48, ASHA, Psych, Instructional Hours
Audience: Special Education Teachers; Speech therapists; Parents, Guardians, Family

Speaker biography: Jordan Shurr, Ph.D., is an associate professor of special education at Queen’s University in Ontario, Canada. Previously, Dr. Shurr has worked as a special education teacher and assistive technology and has recently served as president of the Division on Autism and Developmental Disabilities, of the Council for Exceptional Children. His research focuses on teaching students with significant support needs including both the support and retention of teachers and evidence-based instructional practices.

image of Jordan Shurr, Ph.D.