Effective Communication Programming: Evidence-Based Practices, Practitioner and Parental Expertise

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Susan Bruce, Ph.D.

Come learn about the Tri-Focus Framework and the Four Aspects of Communication Framework for organizing communication programming. In addition, learn about evidence- based practices in deaf-blindness for communication and literacy practices (e.g., authentic choice-making lessons, importance of personalization). Classic literacy lessons will be shared and illustrated through video.
Credits: Act 48, ACVREP, ASHA, Psych
Audience: Special Education Teachers; Teachers who work with students who are Deaf-Blind, Speech Therapists; Parents, Guardians, Family Members; Paraprofessionals

Speaker Bio: Susan Bruce, Ph.D. is a Professor and Department Chair of Teacher Education, Special Education and Curriculum and Instruction at Boston College. Susan’s primary research interests are communication and language development and assessment in learners with multiple disabilities, especially learners who are deafblind. She has published 32 peer-reviewed articles that are specifically about research in deafblindness, including collaborative and participatory action research studies. Additional publications are in the fields of severe and multiple disabilities, visual impairments, and deafness/hard of hearing with additional disabilities.

Susan Brice