Registration Directions

The registration process for 2020 HELIX Revisited is a two part process.
FIRST: Register on the PaTTAN website:
  • Go to January 31st on the Training Calendar (you can use this link) to register for the conference via our Wisdomwhere system.
  • The sessions are grouped by disability category, and you can select multiple sessions based on your interests.
  • When registration is completed, you will receive an email confirming the sessions you selected, as well as the Schoology code to access the course.
SECOND: Register on the Schoology website:
  • Go to
    • If you have a Schoology account, log in and enter the code from your Wisdomwhere confirmation email.
    • If you do not have a Schoology account, you will need to sign up as a student. This link will take you to Schoology’s directions for creating a student account. 
The Schoology course is closed until January 31st when all of the sessions will be open for viewing.
  • There will be an introductory folder for you to review to gain information about the course, credit requirements, and a link to a survey to complete to provide us with demographic and continuing education credit information.
  • The sessions are organized in folders by disability category. You will be able to view any session, not only the sessions for which you registered.
  • The sessions will be available for viewing through February 28, 2021. All requirements must be completed by that time in order to receive credit for the sessions you viewed (and that you did not previously view during the November 2020 conference).
  • If you view any sessions that you did not originally register for, you can modify your registration on the PaTTAN Wisdomwhere system by using this link.