Continuing Education Credit Information

Continuing education credits will be available for 2020 HELIX Revisited.
  • To receive continuing education credit, participants must complete session requirements in Schoology.  ‚Äč
  • Attendees must register with PaTTAN and have a Schoology account to be eligible for all CEUs. 
  • Registration for HELIX Revisited sessions will be available through February 19, 2021.
  • If you attended any of the live, virtual HELIX 2020 Conference sessions in November and received continuing education credits for any of those sessions, you will not be eligible to receive continuing education credits for those same sessions as part of HELIX 2020 Revisited.
  • You will be eligible to receive continuing education credits for any sessions that you view as part of HELIX 2020 Revisited and meet the following conditions:
    • (1) you provide the code for the session,
    • (2) you complete the evaluation questions for the session, and
    • (3) you have not previously received credit for the same session during the November HELIX 2020 conference. 

ASHA CEU Information: 

This course is being offered for ASHA CEUs in an asynchronous format. Due to this format, ASHA CEUs are calculated in a different manner than for live courses. Course times are determined based on runtime of the video not scheduled times. Videos must be reviewed in their entirety for the total minutes to be used for your conference total.  

HELIX Revisited total credits will be determined by adding the runtime of each session viewed to reflect the total of minutes for the course.  The total number of minutes viewed for the course is then divided by 60 to determine the total hours of viewing. This number is rounded DOWN to the nearest ½ hr. The hours (rounded if needed) is converted to ASHA CEUs by multiplying it by .1.

Click this link to see examples of ASHA CEU calculations
Click this link for session run times