04. How Do Teachers of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Improve Access to the Curriculum for Students?

Speakers: Barbara Chubb, M.Ed. and Lindsey Binkle, M.Ed.

Session Handouts:
Access to Grade-Level Curriculum for Students with Hearing Loss
Presentation Slides

Session Description: 
Access to the general curriculum is an essential component of FAPE for students who are deaf and hard of hearing. Participants will work in groups to explore the concept of "access" and the areas of instruction on which IEP teams can focus to improve access. On-site participants should bring a laptop or mobile device with which they can access the session's PowerPoint slides.

Credits: Act 48, ASHA, Psych
Audience: Special Education Teachers, Teachers who work with students with hearing loss, Speech therapists, General Education Teachers, Supervisors/Administrators, School Counselors and/or School Psychologists, Parents, Guardians, Family Members

headshot of Barbara ChubbSpeaker Bios: 
Barbara is a certified teacher of the deaf, with a masters of education in school counseling, and special education administrative certificates. She worked as a teacher, counselor, and supervisor in programs for students who are deaf and hard of hearing for 30+ years in PA.  Most recently, Barbara was an adjunct instructor in Deaf Education at Bloomsburg University and was the president of PA Educators of Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (2016-2022). Currently, Barbara serves as the statewide chairperson leading PA's efforts to revise and improve the Expanded Core Curriculum -Deaf and Hard of Hearing. As a life-long learner in deaf education, Barbara continues to advocate for both teachers and students by focusing on improving instructional practices and service delivery for students.

Email: barbarachubb@ymail.com
Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/groups/634857670015833/
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/pesdhh

Lindsey Binkle graduated in 2003 from Bloomsburg University with a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s in Education of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing. Her teaching career has spanned all ages, both in the self-contained classroom setting and itinerant services, across three intermediate units within Pennsylvania. Recently, Lindsey had the privilege of using her Deaf Education Consultant role to help local school district navigate the needs of students with hearing loss, as well as serving in a leadership role with PESDHH (Pennsylvania Educators of STudents who are Deaf and Hard of Hearting)--an organization to help Teachers of DHH students to connect and share resources for their students.