Continuing Education Credits

AAC Talks is being offered for up to 5 Act 48 Clock hours only.  Credit will be applied by the ½ day. In order to receive ANY credit hours, you must submit codes forthe entire ½ day credit period.

Attendees may obtain 3 credits for attending all three morning sessions.
Attendees may obtain 2 credits for attending both afternoon sessions.
  • This will require that registered attendees log on (using the link provided for the session) for the entirety of each session. (Note that each session has a distinctAAC Talks logo log on link and each attendee should log on individually.)  
  • Listen for the 4 digit code at the end of each session. Make a note of it.
  • After the morning and/or afternoon session are finished, attendees must submit the Act 48 evaluation for EACH credit period for which they are requesting credit and submit codes for EACH session within the credit period. To receive credit, individuals must complete all surveys and submit them by the deadline.
  • No partial credit will be given (e.g.  credit for 1 or 2 of three morning session cannot be provided.)
  • The deadline for completing evaluations is May 17, 2019 at 4pm. 
ASHA credit is not available for this event. Attendees who are seeking ASHA credit may obtain a certificate of attendance to submit on their own.