Session 3B - Model and Grow Language with Robust Vocabulary in SGDs

Seaker: Kirk Behnke

Session Description:

This session will present research-based techniques to increase communication for individuals using a speech-generating device (SGD) via communication partner education. Participants will learn about communication and communication characteristics common to both partners, how to increase communication by modifying their own behaviors, and six techniques to incorporate into everyday communicative contexts. Participants will view video scenarios of various communication partner roles and communication contexts, as well as situations they may encounter on a regular basis with the individual using the SGD.

Speaker bio:
Kirk Behnke pictureKirk has worked in the field of assistive technology (AT) for over 30 years in a variety of service and administrative positions. Additionally, he has family members with disabilities which has added to his advocacy intentions. He believes that every individual has the right to technology interventions to help support them to be as independent as possible in all their living/working environments.