Session 5B - Using Page Sets Designed to Help Learners with Complex Access Needs Develop Language

Speaker: Jared Harnish
Session Description:
Page sets that support automaticity through motor planning are symbol-supported page sets that focuses on core words and word-by-word sentence construction. An example page set will be used to demonstrate a page set design where each word appears only once with a distinct path, or motor plan, to find it. This session will review the unique features of page sets that encourage motoric automaticity and language organization that increases navigational performance and communicative efficiency, as well as discuss key features and provide software demonstrations.
  • Describe how the designs of page sets that focus on motor planning and high-frequency, core vocabulary can encourage automaticity
  • Describe how the use of high-frequency core vocabulary combined with predictable navigational patterns can increase communicative efficiency
  • Discuss key features for designing page sets that encourage motor planning
Speaker Bio:
Jared HarnishJared Harnish has been a Tobii Dynavox Solutions Consultant in Eastern Pennsylvania since 2015. His goal every day is to help professionals and families obtain the best AAC solutions and he feels the best part of his job is seeing the smiling faces of AAC users, their families, and school teams once the ability to effectively communicate is restored!