Session 2B - Unleashing AAC in the Autistic Support Classroom: Being Open to New Possibilities!

Speaker: Jayna Greenfield
Session Description:
Students with Autism have the potential to communicate in a variety of ways, but some students may have difficulty using verbalizations or signs.  These students may benefit from using an Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) system to assist with communication. Implementation of this AAC system may occur in tandem with students’ Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) programming.  Students can achieve success using both AAC and ABA, but it requires collaboration and teamwork among all members of the IEP.  In this session, you will discover how two Autistic Support classrooms are working together with great results!
  • Discuss why AAC may be an appropriate and effective communication method for some students within an Autism Support classroom
  • Describe the importance of collaboration, open minds, finding common ground, and family involvement in achieving the greatest success
  • Identify opportunities when AAC can be integrated into daily learning sessions, activities, and routines
Speaker Bio:
Jayna GreenfieldJayna Greenfield, MS, CCC-SLP/L, is a graduate of Clarion University of Pennsylvania with both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s of Science degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders. She has been in public education for over 20 years. Ms. Greenfieldhas worked as a Speech-Language Pathologist in Early Intervention (birth to 5 years) and in school-age settings.  She began working at ARIN Intermediate Unit in 2008, and soon took on the role of Assistive Technology Consultant on the Training and Consultation (TaC) Team.  Her passion is helping children to communicate using the modality that works best for them! Ms. Greenfield loves helping students better access their curriculum through the use of Assistive Technology.