Session 5B - Full STEAM Ahead with Communication

2:45 pm - 3:45 pm

Speakers: Steve Sheirer, Hayley Schulze & Judy C. Campagna

Session Description:
STEAM [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics] education and project based-learning has been gaining a lot of momentum in recent years. This session will focus on finding ways to help neurodiverse learners meaningfully participate in STEAM activities while at the same time ensuring their communication needs are met allowing them to share about their experiences.

Speaker Biographies:

Steve Sheirer is an Educational Consultant from Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV in Grove City,PA.  He is a licensed Speech Therapist and holds a Master's Degree from Clarion University of Pennsylvania. Steven's current focus is on Assistive Technology; however, he has also worked as a Speech Therapist across a variety of school and hospital settings. He recently wrote and received a PASmart Grant allowing him to develop a program that partnered students with special needs and gifted/talented students. Their goal was to work together to identify and solve current barriers to STEAM education. Four districts are currently participating with two more joining next fall.
image of Steve Sheirer

Hayley Schulze is a Special Education Teacher in a Multiple Disabilities classroom for the Midwestern Intermediate Unit IV.  She develops and provides specialized designed instruction to meet the needs of her students with a variety of disabilities.  Hayley has received her undergraduate degree in Elementary Education K-6 and Special Education K-12 from Edinboro University.  She also has her master’s degree in School Administration and Supervision of Special Education from Duquesne University.
image of Hayley Schulze

Judy C. Campagna, MA/MS, CCC-A/SLP is a speech language pathologist with Midwestern Intermediate Unit 4 in Grove City, PA.  She has served as an audiologist working for digital hearing aid and vestibular companies, an educational audiologist and speech/language pathologist in the schools.  Currently she is serving preschoolers and students in Autistic Support and MDS classrooms and specializes in augmentative and alternative communication.  Judy’s bachelors degree was from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Masters of Arts in Audiology from the University of Colorado and Masters of Science from Clarion University of Pennsylvania.