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Leveraging CSinPA Data

Ensuring equitable CS education requires us to consider what opportunities for CS education are available, who is participating (and who is not), and other factors.

CS course enrollment data, reported by local education agencies (LEAs) in the Pennsylvania Information Management System (PIMS) yields information about what types of, and how many, CS learning opportunities are available, and which students are/are not engaging in CS learning.

Course Data Analysis 

The course data analysis worksheet helps educators compare the demographics of their CS courses to the overall enrollment of their school to identify equity gaps.
  Course Data Analysis Worksheet

Coming soon: the CSinPA data dashboard

A new data dashboard, drawing from the Pennsylvania Information Management System (PIMS) and Teacher Information Management System (TIMS) is under development.

Data reporting

PIMS (PDE, 2023)
PIMS annual manuals and reporting calendars, resources, trainings, and additional support

CSPG 71 - Computer Science 7-12 (PDE, 2022)
Course staffing policy guideline for  Pennsylvania CS courses in grades 7-12 containing the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s (PDE) definition of CS  STEM and Computer Science FAQ (PDE, 2019)
Answers to frequently asked questions and additional information about STEM and CS education in Pennsylvania 

Defining Foundational Computer Science (Code.org, CSTA, & ECEP, 2023)
Document containing an operational definition of foundational CS, School Courses for the Exchange of Data (SCED) codes that meet the definition of foundational CS, and SCED codes associated with cybersecurity, IT, and design courses

Other data sources   

Computer Science Access Report Data (Code.org, CSTA, & ECEP, 2023)
Interactive visualization of national, state, and local data about 9-12 grade CS course enrollment. The annual State of Computer Science Education report includes a summary of this data.

State of Computer Science Education report (Code.org, CSTA, & ECEP, 2022)
Annual report on K-12 CS education  national and state-level CS policy and implementation data.  CS is Elementary First Mover CS Schools (CS is Elementary, 2023)
Interactive visualization of K-5 schools that have pledged to teach CS

AP National and State Data (College Board, 2023)
Reports concerning the AP course availability participation, and achievement