Technology in CS education includes CS-specific tools in addition to educational technology commonly used across content areas (i.e. interactive whiteboards, learning management systems).

CS-specific technology includes:

Programming Languages: Languages that developers use to comprise a set of instructions in computers.
Examples: Java, Java Script,  Python, HTML, C++, and Visual Block-based coding. 

Programming Platforms: (ie. Integrated development environment): Platforms are where you use a language. For some languages, there are many platforms for writing and preparing your code. Conversely, a platform can also contain more than one language.  The platform often includes a user interface, code editor, automation tools, debugging tools and online depository. 
Examples: Scratch, MakeCode

Physical Tools and Devices: Tools that would allow users to control, program and interact with programming in a tangible way, such as with robotics and/or microcontrollers.
Examples: Sphero, Micro:bit, Lilypad Arduino

CS Technology