Website Development

Enduring Understanding

People design meaningful solutions for other by considering the diverse needs and wants of community. Web is used as a medium for creative expression and collecting and sharing information.


Essential Questions

How can text communicate content and structure on a web page?
What strategies can I use when coding to find and fix issues?
How do I modify the appearance and style of my web pages?

Core Concepts:

  • Algorithms and Programming

CSTA Standards

2-AP-19 - Document programs in order to make them easier to follow, test, and debug.
2-AP-15 - Seek and incorporate feedback from team members and users to refine a solution that meets user needs.
2-AP-16 - Incorporate existing code, media, and libraries into original programs, and give attribution.
2-AP-17 - Systematically test and refine programs using a range of test cases.
2-AP-18 - Distribute tasks and maintain a project timeline when collaboratively developing computational artifacts.

Related Resources and Toolkits

Sample Lessons

Lesson 1: Intro to HTML
Lesson 2: Headings
Lesson 3: Lists
Lesson 4: Clean Code and Debugging
Lesson 5: Project - Multi-Page Websites
Lesson 6: Styling Text with CSS
Lesson 7: Styling Elements with CSS
Lesson 8: RGB Colors and Classes
Lesson 9: Project - Personal Portfolio Website

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