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Grades k-2 Computing and Life

Kindergarten Unit 2
Algorithms and Life
Grade 1 Unit 1
Networks and Life
Unit 2
Computers and Algorithms
Grade 2 Unit 1
Computer Systems, Data, and Life
Unit 2
Program Development

Grades 3-5 Computing and Community

Grade 3 Unit 1
The Connected World
Unit 2
Introduction to Programming
Grade 4 Unit 1
Technology, Collaboration, and Cultural Diversity
Unit 2
Computational Participation
Grade 5 Unit 1
Computers and Information
Unit 2
Programming and Problem Solving

Grades 6-8 Human and Computer Interaction


Grade 6


Unit 1
The Internet and the Web
Unit 2
Website Development
These two units for Grade 6 are all about the World Wide Web, with a focus on creating websites for self expression in Unit 2. To start students thinking about why they might want to create a website, they must begin to consider how websites are useful tools for both users and creators.