More than a Score: Language and Communication Assessment of Your Most Challenging Communicators

November 8, 2017

Standardized language tests for our minimally verbal students often result in dismal scores that don’t accurately reflect our students’ skills and knowledge. A standard score of “Less than 55” does little to help us understand a child’s language skills. We still must be able to clearly describe a child’s current level of communication and language functioning so that we can target appropriate goals and show progress. How do we accurately assess language and communication skills when we can’t sit down at a table, present picture cards, and expect a succinct spoken response to our questions? Come join the discussion as we troubleshoot the communication and language assessment process for our early communicators and AAC users. We will explore tools that allow us to measure even the earliest communication skills through formal testing, watching, and listening. With video examples, discussion, and exploration of tools, we will develop a plan of action for assessing your most communicatively challenged students’ communication and language skills.

Title of Training: HELIX Conference

Presenter: Vicki Clarke, CCC/SLP

Training Date: 11/14/2017


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