What is the F2MAX Network?

The FAMILIES TO THE MAX: Pennsylvania Statewide Family Network is an organization of families and professionals advocating to presume competence and increase opportunities for students with disabilities who have not, historically, received the same grade-level, standards-aligned instruction provided to their same-age peers. FAMILIES TO THE MAX was created through a federally funded state personnel development grant (SPDG) awarded to Pennsylvania in 2012 and is sustained by a second SPDG, P2G (Path to Graduation) awarded in 2017. Following the tenets of MAXimizing Academic Access, Expectations and Learning (formerly ‘Project MAX’), the Network partners with families, educators, related services providers, and the community to promote maximizing access, raising expectations, and learning for all students, including those with diverse needs.


Who is in the F2MAX Network?

                                                  Partial group of FAMILIES TO THE MAX Network members, 2017
                                                      Partial group of FAMILIES TO THE MAX Network members, 2017

The FAMILIES TO THE MAX: Pennsylvania Statewide Family Network is comprised of hundreds of dedicated family members, educational professionals, related service providers, community members, and young adults with disabilities. The Network is coordinated through efforts of the FAMILIES TO THE MAX Parent Partners.
The Parent Partners are a group of federally funded organizations who assist Pennsylvania families in helping their children achieve successful post-school outcomes. The Partners are: 
  • PaTTAN (The Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network) – an organization that works with the Bureau of Special Education, Pennsylvania Department of Education to provide professional development and technical assistance targeted to improving student results. PaTTAN also assists families in supporting their children through the education process and navigating the world of special education, providing many resources, trainings, and events to help parents learn about specific disabilities and educational initiatives.
  • The PEAL Center - Pennsylvania’s Parent Training and Information (PTI) center that works with families, youth and young adults with disabilities and special health care needs to help them understand their rights and advocate for themselves. The PEAL Center empowers families and individuals to be included in their home schools and access high quality, coordinated physical and behavioral healthcare. PEAL’s services are provided at no charge to families, as they are funded by private donations and federal, state, and private grants.
  • Philadelphia HUNE, Inc. (Hispanos Unidos para Niños Excepcionales) – a Community Parent Resource Center (CPRC) organization that provides free bilingual English and Spanish training, technical assistance, and individual assistance to families and professionals who work with children and youth with disabilities. This assistance helps parents to participate more effectively with professionals in meeting the educational needs of child and youth (ages 0-26) with disabilities and improve to educational outcomes.
with oversight by the BSE (the Pennsylvania Bureau of Special Education) – a division of the Pennsylvania Department of Education. The BSE works  collaboratively with educators, schools, agencies, and other stakeholders across Pennsylvania to ensure students have access to quality and meaningful education supports, services, and opportunities.
IDEAS the Work, HUNE, PEAL CENTER and PaTTAN logos


Our Beliefs

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The FAMILIES TO THE MAX: Pennsylvania Statewide Family Network strongly believes that all students can learn and achieve their maximum potential. We incorporate this belief in everything we do and empower families to do the same.

The FAMILIES TO THE MAX: Pennsylvania Statewide Family Network presumes that every child:
  • Has unique thoughts, feelings, and ideas to share
  • Interprets and communicates language in different ways, and for children whose first language is not English, communication may be even more diverse
  • Has the ability to learn challenging academic content and skills
  • Belongs and contributes to his class, school, family, and community
Our Mission and Vision:

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boy standing in front of bleachers with vikings jersey on                                                                                                    boy smiling with hand under chin wearing black shirt with cartoon characters on it