What is the FAMILIES TO THE MAX Network?

The FAMILIES TO THE MAX: Pennsylvania Statewide Family Network (F2MAX) is an organization of families and professionals advocating to presume competence and increase opportunities for students with disabilities who have not, historically, received the same grade-level, standards-aligned instruction provided to their same-age peers.
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FAMILIES TO THE MAX was created through a federally funded state personnel development grant (SPDG) awarded to Pennsylvania in 2012 and is sustained by a second SPDG, P2G (Path to Graduation) awarded in 2017. Following the tenets of MAXimizing Academic Access, Expectations and Learning (formerly ‘Project MAX’), the Network partners with families, educators, related services providers, and the community to promote maximizing access, raising expectations, and learning for all students, including those with diverse needs.

                                                                   https://www.pattan.net/Disabilities/Intellectual-Disabilities/Maximizing-Academic-Access-Expectations-and-Lear                       https://www.pattan.net/Graduation-Post-Secondary-Outcomes/Graduation-Post-Secondary-Outcomes




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Contact the FAMILIES TO THE MAX Network at f2max@pattan.net, call us at 1-800-441-3215, ext. 3262, or contact one of the Parent Partners below.

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