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PaTTAN ELD Nuggets

#1 Teacher Collaboration and Co-Teaching

#2 Family-School Partnerships

#3 English Language Components and Literacy Development

#4 Providing Evidence-Based Practices for Newcomer ELs in Distance-Learning

#5 Oral Language Development in Remote Learning

# 6 Assessing Learning in a Virtual Setting for English Learners

#7 Disproportionality: Inappropriate Identification and Placement of Multilingual Learners in Special Education Programs

#8 Accelerating Learning for Multilingual Learners

Featured Videos / Presentations

Dual Language Learners and Early Literacy (recorded webinars, October/November 2019)

Early childhood education and care programs across Pennsylvania are experiencing an increasing level of linguistic and cultural diversity among the children they serve. Dual Language Learners (DLLs) – young children who grow up speaking more than one language at home and in the classroom – bring to these classrooms unique learning strengths, experiences, and challenges. This three-part webinar will address evidence-based teaching practices in language acquisition and literacy development for DLLs and ELs in Pre-K to Grade 2 settings.
  1. Part I: How Does the Emergent Bilingual Brain Work?
  2. Part II: Examination of Exemplary Teaching Practices in Early Childhood Programs for DLLs and ELs
  3. Part III: Family and Community Engagement in Early Childhood Programs for Diverse Learners
English Learners in an MTSS Framework: Guidance for School Psychologists Parts I, II, and III - held in the fall of 2018:
  1. Part I: Federal and State Policies, Procedures, and Resources Regarding the Education of English Learners
  2. Part II: What School Psychologists/Counselors Need to Know About Progress Monitoring and Language Instruction Educational Program Effectiveness
  3. Part III: Culturally Responsive Practices and Its Impact on the Linguistic, Academic, Social, and Emotional Development of English Learners
Evidence of Language Use: Progress Monitoring for English Learners in Multi-tiered Systems of Support (recorded webinars)
  1. Part I: 1/10/18 State-Required Reclassification, Monitoring and Re-Designation of English Learners
  2. Part II: 1/17/18 Targeting Progress Monitoring of Language Use for English Learners

The Language of Mathematics and English Learners in an MTSS Framework - held in the spring of 2017
The workshop presented strategies and tools to enhance teachers’ understanding of language development and their ability to treat the language of mathematics as a resource for learning mathematical concepts in an MTSS Framework.