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Office Hours:

Please note office hours are intended to provide real-time technical assistance to educators, caregivers, parents, and students. Technical assistance is not legal advice. Specific questions concerning a student’s special education program or the laws relating to the provision of services in a child’s IEP (Individualized Educational Program) should be directed to ConsultLine at 800-879-2301.


Date/Time:  By appointment only.  Please email English to set up targeted technical assistance (flexible based upon need through multiple modes: Email, phone, Zoom, Twitter)

Translation and Interpretation Services:

Under IDEA and Civil Rights Act of 1964, translation and interpretation services must be provided to families in their preferred language and mode of communication. In Pennsylvania, the top five languages other than English are Spanish (60.8%), Mandarin Chinese (4.7%), Arabic (2.23%), Nepali (3.7%), and Vietnamese (2.4%). To support that endeavor, families and schools can consider the use of Microsoft Translator or Google Translate as additional supports. Knowing that those tools will not be providing perfect translation/interpretation, these tools should not be used for any IEP-related communications. A qualified interpreter and/or translator should be used in these legal matters.

Talking Points 
Helps educators meaningfully connect with families and students through multilingual text messages.


Resources and Supports