2019 BrainSTEPS Team Leader Workshop

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Session Dates

Friday May 17, 2019 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM

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This session is for BrainSTEPS Team Leaders to update their capacity to effectively motivate and facilitate their BrainSTEPS team to provide educational consultation and training to schools in Pennsylvania following a student’s Acquired Brain injury (TBI or nonTBI). Attendees will learn about the latest research study results that provide support for why schools should form teams to go through the BrainSTEPS created Return to Learn Concussion Management Team intervention. BrainSTEPS Program updates will be shared and program level and team level data will be shared. An update of the CDC grant NOFO will be discussed. Also, team leaders will learn about novel ways to introduce and facilitate collaboration with their local medical rehabilitation facilities. The BrainSTEPS team leaders will share, brainstorm, and learn about proper teaming techniques that will help facilitate their own Brain STEPS Teams. The remaining portion of this workshop will focus on BrainSTEPS updates and program Best Practice Reviews using team satisfaction survey and ORBS data.


As a result of this training, participants will be able to:

1. Describe at least three types of brain injury cases that a BrainSTEPS team has difficulty managing
2. Outline the different types of BrainSTEPS supports that have been successful
3. Explain the importance of conducting Annual Check Ins for student referrals, to determine outcomes and additional BrainSTEPS support

Target Audience

This training is by invitation only for BrainSTEPS Team Leaders.

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Act 48 Clock Hour
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Brenda Eagan Johnson, Angela Hein Ciccia

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Yolanda McDermott

Additional Info

May 16, 2019
6:30pm Dinner at the Hotel Pub in the Hotel - the night before for all who are staying at the Hotel (Your dinner paid by you)
Those not staying overnight, also welcome to join in!