Caseload refers to the number of students a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) is providing services for and is just one part of their overall workload. The Pennsylvania Ed. Code guideline for an itinerant, school-based SLPs working full time (.8-1.0 FTE) is a caseload maximum of 65 students, however, this number may vary based on the school district and the need of the students.
Workload refers to all activities required and performed by the school-based SLP. In addition to providing direct services to students, an SLPs workload may include report writing, design and implement curriculum modifications, collect and report student performance data, contribute to the development of IEPs, IFSPs and 504 plans, document third-party (Medical Access or Medicaid) reimbursable activities, participating in IEP/504 meetings, customization and management of augmentative and alternative communication devices, complete compliance paperwork, communicate with families, collaborate with other professionals, etc.