Virtual Learning Resources

Virtual Learning Resources 

As we move forward with educating our students wherever they may be, our Deaf/Hard of Hearing Initiative team has compiled resources to assist students, families, and professionals in accessing and enhancing their instruction. Check back frequently for updates, tutorials, resources, tip sheets, and more. 


Learning Platforms 

Here are some helpful links for the learning management systems that are commonly used by many K-12 programs 

Google Classroom - here is the official tutorial on Google Classroom from Google. Here are some other great resources from teachers using Google Classroom in the field: 

Schoology - here is the link to the online tutorial provided by Schoology. There are additional resources about how to use Schoology on their website: 

There are also some good tutorials from teachers using Schoology in the field: 

Meeting Tools 

These resources can help you in getting connected in virtual meetings and ensure that all participants have access. 

Zoom - here is the link to the list of tutorials on how to use different features of Zoom on the Zoom website. 

Google Meet - here is the official tutorial on Google Meet from Google. Here are some other great resources from teachers using Google Meet in the field: 

Microsoft Teams - here is the official tutorial on how to use live captions in Microsoft Teams 

  • Microsoft Suite Accessibility - The University of Texas at Dallas has put together a list of links to accessibility resources for each of the most commonly used programs in the Microsoft 365 suite

​​Video Recording, Captioning & Screencasting Tools 

Loom - how to use Loom to create videos for remote instruction

Screencastify - how to use Screencastify to embed ASL interpretation. 

Kapwing - how to use Kapwing to add captions to any video. 

YouTube - how to edit the auto generated captions on YouTube videos. 

SchoolTube - how to add captions to videos using SchoolTube. 

Amara - free, web-based tool for adding captions to videos; public, shared platform - information on how to use for live captioning in Zoom meetings and other uses 

Live Transcribe - an app from Google, now available for both Android and iPhone users, that live captions conversations in real-time. 


Collaborative Learning Tools 

Flipgrid - a tutorial on how to use Flipgrid for asynchronous learning 

Padlet - how to use Padlet virtual bulletin boards with DHH students 

Google Docs - how to use Google Docs 

Google Drive - how to use Google Drive 

Google Jamboard - how to use Google Jamboard virtual whiteboard for collaboration in remote teaching 

Google Sites - online training module for using Google Sites 


Educational Audiology 

Guidelines for Audiology Service Provision in and for Schools 

Remote Learning and Teleaudiology: Resource information for Educational Audiologists 


Hearing Assistive Technology Information & Resources: 

Oticon Hearing aid and Connectivity overview 

Connectclip Quick start 

Cleaning remote mics 

Phonak Roger Cleaning Protocols 

Cleaning your cochlear products 

Cleaning recommendations Advanced Bionics 

Cleaning your MED EL sound processor 

American Academy of Audiology Cleaning protocols


Educational Interpreting 

Zoom for Interpreters - a guide to using Zoom for interpreters


Field Trips 

These resources can help  get you started with planning a virtual field trip. Remember to check with your school/district regarding their virtual field trip policy and if any special permissions are required from your school/district and/or families. 

Discovery Education (free; note that some videos may need to be accessed on YouTube for captioning.

Google Expeditions (free) 

Nearpod VR (free account to start; cost associated with higher level accounts. Note that these can be accessed without VR goggles) (free) 


Social Media Connections 

The Technology in Deaf Ed Facebook group offers great conversations and ideas around all things technology-related in Deaf Education