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Office Hours:

Please note office hours are intended to provide real-time technical assistance to educators, caregivers, parents, and students. Technical assistance is not legal advice. Specific questions concerning a student’s special education program or the laws relating to the provision of services in a child’s IEP (Individualized Educational Program) should be directed to ConsultLine at 800-879-2301.


To schedule an office hours appointment, please contact your PaTTAN Education Consultant directly:

Western Region - Jennifer Craig at
Central Region - Sue Ann Houser at
Eastern Region - Tara Kelly at 

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Initiative Parent Coordinator Erin Campion is also available statewide by appointment at

Consultants may also be able to offer assistance via email, depending upon the nature of the request.  


Pre-Recorded Trainings:

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Specific Resources 

Virtual Activities for Teachers & Families During COVID-19 features instructional resources, at-home activity ideas, virtual field trips, self-advocacy and accessibility resources and more.

Hands and Voices -Hands & Voices Resources 

​National Deaf Center COVID-19 Resources - A summary of the most frequent or important questions received by NDC's help team. For more information and tips during the COVID-19 crisis, visit COVID-19 Resources from NDC 

DO-IT – Creating Video and Multimedia Products that are Accessible for DHH 

Remote Student Access toolkit -EPIC Remote Access Toolkit 

Guidance from US Department of Education on IDEA Responsibilities During COVID-19 Outbreak - Q & A on Providing Services During the COVID-19 Outbreak PDF  

DHH Teaching During COVID-19 – Closed Facebook Group - Link to Join Facebook Group 

Educational Audiology Association -Link to Educational Audiology Homepage 

STEM Resources for DHH -Link to STEM Resources for DHH 

Described and Captioned Media Program (DCMP) E-Learning Resources -Link to DCMP E-Learning Resources 

Minnesota Transition Guide for DHH -Link to Minnesota Transition Guide 

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Resources and “How to” Colonial IU 20 -Link to DHH Resources from Colonial IU 20

Central Institute for the Deaf  -Link to CID Professional Resources 

Gallaudet Clerc Center -Link to Clerc Center Educational Resources 

Texas Deaf/Hard of Hearing Services Resources for SLPs - Resources for SLPs Working with DHH Students 

ASHA Special Interest Group 9 specifically provides resources to SLPs and audiologists working with students with hearing loss – Link to ASHA Special Interest Group 9 Resources 

The Communication Matrix is a free online assessment tool created to help professionals and family members support people with severe communication disorders in their journey toward greater self-expression - Communication Matrix Online 

American Society for Deaf Children - Links to Talking with Kids about COVID-19 - English and ASL Resources 

National Association of the Deaf - NAD Resources for Families and Educators 

National Science Teaching Association - DHH Specific Science Teaching Resources 

Edmonton Public Schools/Alberta Health Services (shared by Educational Audiology Association)

Home Based Activities for DHH Students  are non-tech based activities that can be completed at home with students with little preparation – Home Based Activities for DHH Students 

Family Connections to Language and Literacy Spring Newsletter– FCLL Newsletter – Spring 2020 



General Education Resources 

  • Webinar on Well-Being in Uncertain Times - Educators across the world are continuing to teach and support students during this unprecedented time. Many are teaching in new ways while navigating new worries. Gain access to a webinar featuring Nilufar Rezai, social-emotional learning (SEL) specialist for Chicago Public Schools; Meena Srinivasan, founding executive director of Transformative Educational Leadership and an expert in mindfulness and SEL; and Heather Lageman, executive director of organizational development in Baltimore County Public Schools and a frequent presenter on educator wellness and resilience here: Link to Registration for Webinar on Well-Being in Uncertain Times 

Learning Library - Learning Library Resources 

SERP – WordGen Weekly 
While schools across the country have been forced to close their doors, teachers and families have been tasked with creating new ways to educate and support students. If SERP resources can be of help during this difficult period, please remember that they are available as free downloads to all - teachers, families, and anyone else who is interested. We have highlighted a few below that we think may be particularly suitable for online platforms and for families working together at home - The SERP Team 


  • WordGen Weekly (Grades 6-8) five-part units available Uses a societal dilemma to frame brief activities to promote academic language development, argumentation, perspective-taking, and discussion. 

  • WordGen Elementary (Grades 4 & 5) 24 ten-part units available Develops academic language, argumentation, and perspective-taking skills through activities, reading, writing, discussion, and more. Each unit focuses on a discussable question and even includes a video newscast and a script for a reader’s theater! 


  • Focus 5 (all grades) A selection of deep breathing activities for calming and centering. Includes downloadable cards and audio recording of students leading the activities.