Supports for Educators

COVID19TeacherpicSmall.jpg Supports for Educators

Office Hours:

Please note office hours are intended to provide real-time technical assistance to educators, caregivers, parents, and students. Technical assistance is not legal advice. Specific questions concerning a student’s special education program or the laws relating to the provision of services in a child’s IEP (Individualized Educational Program) should be directed to ConsultLine at 800-879-2301.


Office Hours:  Support via phone consultation will be available for questions or concerns. Contact resources for crisis issues will be made available when needed.  Please contact a PaTTAN Autism Initiative Consultant to set up an appointment at:

  • Contact with a PaTTAN Autism Initiative Consultant for districts participating in the PaTTAN AI can be arranged during typical school hours through contact with their assigned consultants through email and established phone contacts.

  • For other districts, IUs and LEAs, during typical school hours please contact:

Possible Topics:  Technical support relevant to design of individual student activity development consistent with supports provided in school-based Autism programs.

Pre-Recorded Trainings:

  • Autism Video Links -The list of onlince resources compiled here have been organized by learner levels. These are intended to assist in identifying resources at the learner's instructional level on the following topics: Mand Training, Intensive Teaching, Behavior Management, PaTTAN YouTube, and the National Autism Conference (NAC) Archives.