Self Paced LearningSelf Paced Learning

PaTTAN offers several course options online that are self-paced and interactive. Participants of online courses may receive credits in the form of certificates of completion, Act 48 hours or some other type of format.

PLEASE NOTE: This course is designed for Professional Educators, if you are not a Professional Educator you will not be able to enroll at the time the course is opened.

The Special Education: Effective Practices for my General Education Classroom is a fifteen (15) hour interactive online course where K-12 teachers and administrators have the opportunity to review information regarding special education and apply the information to their general education classrooms. An instructor is available to guide participants through this four part, virtual learning process. Participants provide support and feedback to each other through the chat room, and are able to post questions and assignments on the bulletin board.


Participants will:
  • Identify three factors that general education teachers must know and be able to do when educating all students, including students with disabilities.
  • Describe the evaluation and IEP process and demonstrate how to be effective team members.
  • Examine different ways to implement IEPs of students with disabilities in general education classrooms.
  • Determine effective practices and concepts of their curriculum in relation to Standards-Based Curriculum for all students.

Target Audience

General Educators and Administrators

Topics: Chapter 14/IDEA
Credits: Act 48 Clock Hour (15 Hours)

The Keystone Algebra Content (Module 1-Unit 1): Course for Special Education Teachers is an interactive online course that counts towards Act 48 requirements. Special Education teachers have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of Keystone Algebra 1 Content, demonstrate their depth of understanding of the content through course activities and assignments, and apply this understanding to impact student learning in the classroom. An instructor is available to support participants throughout the virtual learning process.

Attendees must participate in all online sessions, satisfactorily complete all weekly assignments, and complete a pre and post evaluation in order to receive the Act 48 hours. No Act 48 credits will be issued until after the final lesson, submission of all work, and completion of the evaluation. Participants who fail to complete the first two weeks’ worth of assignments on time without discussing the situation with the instructor(s) of the course will be dropped from the course.


  • Deepen their understanding of the Keystone Algebra 1 (Module 1 ) concepts and skills as evidenced by successful completion of weekly assignments.
  • Expand their understanding of specific instructional strategies for supporting the learning of all students in Keystone Algebra 1 as evidenced by responses to weekly questions and the ability to explain how to instruct students who have misconceptions pertaining to Keystone Algebra content so that the misconceptions are eliminated.
  • Build background and core knowledge in Pa Common Core Standards-Mathematics including the eight mathematical practices as evidenced by the participants ability to make connections between the mathematical practices/content and the corresponding student work/response to mathematical tasks.

Target Audience

PaTTAN Educational Consultants, IU Consultants, and highly qualified special educators who teach algebra.

Topics: Math, Response to Instruction & Intervention (RtII)
Credits: Act 48 Clock Hour (33 Hours)