HELIX Conference


  • November 2nd, 2017
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HIMS has been a leader in the development and manufacturing of assistive technology for the blind and visually impaired since 1999. Our HQ is centrally located in Austin, Texas and is responsible for all operations including sales, support and repair of all HIMS products. We proudly employ individuals with low vision and blindness at all levels. Our commitment to innovation and quality at seriously competitive prices has helped us to make a lot of new friends over the past 14 years. HIMS products help individuals with blindness and low vision to do everything from chatting with friends on social media to earning college degrees and securing long-term, dependable employment opportunities.


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  • Kristin Starosta
    Autism, Inclusive Practices, Publications, Low Incidence
  • Susan Gill
    Assistive Technology, Secondary Transition, Project MAX
  • Linda Cartwright
    Assistive Technology, Parents, Inclusive Practices, Publications, Family Engagement
  • Jennifer Edgar
    Deaf-Blind, Blind/Visual Impairment (VI), PDE Annual Conference
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